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Interview - Shannon Davis and Nick Ishimaru of Theatre of Yugen

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Puppets & Poe

Directed by Shannon R. Davis

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, devised by Theatre of Yugen, enacted with post-consumer material puppets.


October 3 - November 2, 2019

Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8 PM


Preview on October 3: Use Code “PREVIEW” at checkout for $20 Tickets

Featuring: Ella Cooley, Alan Coyne, Shannon R. Davis, Steven Flores, Nick Ishimaru, and Jamin Jollo


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Nick Ishimaru was trained originally as a musical theatre performer and started exploring Japanese theatre while studying at Colorado State University (BA, 2005), where he directed a kabuki adaptation of MacBeth. He went on to study at San Francisco State University, (MA, 2009). His work explores a combination of Western and traditional Asian performance techniques for original creations, along with work in conventional musical theatre and Shakespeare.

In October 2016, he opened his debut as Theatre of Yugen’s Artistic Director, The Red Demon by Noda Hideki.  Previous directing work includes It Ain’t Me by Claire Rice (original), Land of Infants by Meghan O’Patry (original), and Kaguya (original adaptation).  Other recent production work includes A Minor Cycle by Greg Giovanni (original; actor and fight choreographer), This Lingering Life by Chiori Miyagawa (original; actor), and several traditional kyogen plays with the Theatre of Yugen (actor).


Descendant of the Potawatomi, Ojibwe, and Saami people, Shannon R. Davis (Bay area director, actor, and educator) is 2018 Phil Killian Directing Fellow at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Credits: Othello (associate director, American Repertory Theatre); Othello & Manahatta (assistant director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival); Adulting for Beginners (Musical Café/Ashby Stage); Religomania (Exit Theatre/San Francisco Fringe Festival); Monsters & Wild Things (Brava Theater Center).



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Love Letters by A.R. Gurney and a Chat with Cristina Anselmo and Neva Hutchinson

Neva and Cristina have been seen on stage in London, the UK, New York, and Los Angeles. Neva has performed in over 60 stage productions and has worked with Francis Ford Coppola, Will Smith, Jon Voight and others. Cristina has worked at many of the professional companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angles  including Theatreworks, Capital Stage, Pacific Rep. and the Grove Theatre (L.A.). Ray has teamed up with these two powerhouses to put together a production of "Love Letters" by A.R. Gurney.

Love Letters will be showing at the Dragon Theatre in Redwood City for two performances only: Sunday September 14th and 15th at 7 pm.

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Cate Hayman - Starring in Cabaret at SF Playhouse

Cate Hayman, a Bay Area Local, is making her SF Playhouse debut as Sally Bowles! She is a rising senior musical theatre major at Carnegie Mellon University. 

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Ray’s Shorts - The Cabaret Catastrophe

Ready to interview the fabulous Cate Hayman (Sally Bowles) at SF Playhouse, I forgot to turn on the recorder and we talked but nothing was saved. This is a mistake I will never make again!

Cabaret at SF Playhouse is a must see musical. 

Get your tickets here.


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Ray’s Shorts 7-14-2019

Ray talks about his second time seeing Hamilton, more on Cabaret at SF Playhouse, living life as a cabby, and the Toure de France.

Ray’ Shorts Outdoors

More thoughts on the musical Cabaret. The British parody film: Hot Fuzz on Netflix

Ray’s Shorts: Cabaret at San Francisco Playhouse

If you happen to be in San Francisco or even if you have to make a special trip, a must see show that’s happening right now is the fantastic musical Cabaret playing at the San Francisco Playhouse. Do yourself a favor and go see this show!

San Francisco Mime Troupe

Recently I spoke with Ellen Callas and Daniel Savio of the Tony Award winning SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE.

The company opened a new musical today entitled "Treasure Island". 

"Treasure Island" - is it the mythical isle where untold wealth awaits marauding pirates, or the freezing cold, artificial island in the middle of San Francisco Bay awaiting cut-throat developers? Or is it both? That's the question for Jill Hawkins when an old sea-dog of a developer drops anchor in her office at City Hall, and drops a mystery in her lap. "Developers...they scour the map looking for cities with fat purses, ready to be plundered, damn the regulations!" But if Treasure Island is such a wonderful opportunity why has no one developed it yet...? What about the people who live there now? And who is the one-legged developer Hawkins was warned about?


About the Mime Troupe

The San Francisco Mime Troupe creates and produces socially relevant theater of the highest professional quality and performs it before the broadest possible audience.

They do plays that make sense out of the headlines by identifying the forces that shape our lives and dramatizing the operation of these giant forces in small, close-up stories that make our audiences feel the impact of political events on personal life.

To make this work accessible the Mime Troupe performs its shows in local parks at a price everyone can afford: FREE.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe does not do silent pantomime. We mean 'mime' in the ancient sense: to mimic. We talk, we sing, we make a lot of noise. We are satirists, seeking to make you laugh at the absurdities of contemporary life and at the same time, see their causes. We've done shows about most of the burning issues of our time, generally shows that debunked the official story. We perform everywhere from public parks to palaces of culture, aiming to reach the broadest possible audience.

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Bruce Vilanch and Broadway Bares/San Francisco Strips IV


SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 2019  


Doors open at 7:00pm, show at 8pm

375 Eleventh Street, San Francisco (near Harrison)

Proceeds benefit 
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and REAF.     

Performance Director: Damien Beard

Production Director: Emily Schreck

Artistic Director: Leanne Borghesi

Executive Producers: Ken Henderson & Joe Seiler


DNA Lounge:



Bruce Vilanch

Comedy writer

One of the most sought-after jokesmiths in the entertainment industry, Bruce Vilanch has become a recognizable face in his own right, thanks to the feature-length documentary "Get Bruce!" (1999) and his stint as a regular on "Hollywood Squares" (1998- ), for which he also serves as head writer. Known for his eclectic eyewear and collection of unique T-shirts, he began as a child model for Lane Bryant, but when his initial efforts as an actor came to naught, he became an entertainment writer for the Chicago Tribune instead. Impressed by his review of her cabaret performance in 1970, Bette Midler hired him to punch up her act, and he later moved to Los Angeles where he wrote for variety shows like the original "Donny and Marie" and "The Brady Bunch Hour" (both ABC) and provided material for Richard Pryor, Lily Tomlin and Joan Rivers. He has maintained his connection with Midler through the years, working on such projects as the feature "Divine Madness" (1980) and the TV special "Bette Midler--Diva Las Vegas" (HBO, 1997), as well as writing for her sitcom "Bette!" (CBS, 2000- ).<br /> <br /> Vilanch began contributing to Academy Awards telecasts in 1989, collaborating with the likes of Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and David Letterman, and graduated to head writer in 2000. The Whoopi connection led to his providing the notorious material Ted Danson performed in blackface at a certain 1993 Friars Club roast of his then-girlfriend Goldberg, but his resume also includes "You Made Me Watch You", the touching Emmy-winning valedictory Midler crooned as a send-off to Johnny Carson. He made his feature debut as a dress manufacturer in "Mahogany' (1975), starring Diana Ross (to whose act he also contributed), and put his Muppet-like persona to excellent use as Santa's number one helper in the syndicated TV-movie "It Nearly Wasn't Christmas" (1989). On the heels of "Get Bruce!", Vilanch performed his comedy stylings Off-Broadway in "Bruce Vilanch: Almost Famous" (2000).


Ray’s Shorts - May 26, 2019

We all have a lot to be grateful for despite whatever hardships we may encounter. I also talk about staged readings, and the TV shows True Detective season three, and Barry, both on HBO.

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