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Maureen McVerry Interview

Today’s special guest Maureen McVerry has been a fixture of entertainment here in the San Francisco Bay Area for well over 3 decades. She is the winner of 7 SF Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Awards (SFBATCC) and 2 Dramalogue Awards. McVerry’s film credits include Nine Months, The Dead Pool, Big Business, True Believer, Howard the Duck ,The Ox and the Eye and Crackers. On TV, Full House and Divorce Court.

In 1993 Maureen McVerry created VERRY McVERRY her ever evolving Cabaret Show and has performed it for 25 years. In SF she has performed at OASIS, Feinstein’s, the New Conservatory Theatre, the Herbst theatre, the Plush Room, the Venetian Room, the Gateway Theatre and the Alcazar. VERRY MCVERRY has also been performed at 88s in NYC and the Gardenia Room in LA and at other venues nationally. (2012 nominated for Best Solo Show SFBATCC).

The next performance of VERRY McMVERRY is happening on May 18 2019, that’s NEXT Saturday at The Oasis in San Francisco. 7 pm. You can get your tickets at

Go see her folks! She is a real pro. She’s absolutely hilarious and her acting chops are up their with the best of them. She can make you laugh, cry and jump to your feet in joy. I’ve seen her perform many times and it’s always special. - Music

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Anne Kobori - Utopia Theatre Project

Here's all the information you need about Anne Yumi Kobori's play:

WHAT: Utopia Theatre Project Presents... "Every Day Alice"

Written by Anne Yumi Kobori
Directed by Maryssa Wanlass

WHEN: February 15 to March 9, 2019

Fridays and Saturdays @ 7pm (and Thursday, February 21)

WHERE: PianoFight, 144 Taylor St., San Francisco, CA 94102

TICKETS: $12 - $35

$20 Advance/$25 at the door

Students and Seniors (over 60): $12

VIP (Reserved seat): $35

Tickets: Purchase at EventBrite



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